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Director of Human Resources

Posted: 04/29/2021

Shift Type


12-Month Full-Time Position, Act 93 & Cabinet Member Benefit Eligible

Competitive Salary and Benefits



General Description:
The Director of Human Resources' primary responsibility is to work as part of the district leadership team focused on the mission and goals of the Pottsgrove School District and to lead the human resources team in recruiting, hiring, training and retaining quality employees to support the mission. The position is designed for the purposes of managing assigned operations in accordance with district policies; providing information to the Board, Superintendent, and staff; ensuring compliance to established policies, procedures and/or codes, addressing a variety of administrative needs and processes; in accordance with the highest professional standards of performance and ethics.




  • Master's degree in Human Resource Management, Educational Leadership, or related area
  • Five (5) years of demonstrated expertise in school human resource management
  • Expertise in state and federal laws and regulations; and PA School Code
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Supervisory management skills
  • Strong technology, computer and HRIS knowledge and use skills

Position Responsibilities Include The Following Areas:



The Director of Human Resources is responsible for employing and assigning qualified applicants. In carrying out these responsibilities, the director:

  • Confers with district administrators to determine needs for staff members of various classifications.
  • Plans and conducts all employee recruitment and retention efforts.
  • Administers all facets of the selection processes and coordinates all required hiring responsibilities for final employment.
  • Assign personnel in compliance with district program needs
  • Administers all disciplinary procedures and ensures due process in accordance with state and federal guidelines.

Employee Relations
The Director of Human Resources is responsible for the maintenance of employee relationships. In carrying out these responsibilities, consistent with school law, federal and state regulations, and district policies, the director:

  • Counsels employees to assist them in making personal and professional decisions.
  • Places employees on salary schedule by analyzing their experience and preparation.
  • Verifies that requirements of a position are met by those who hold that position.
  • Maintains personnel records that are required by the state, federal, and district laws and policies.
  • Maintains personnel records that are needed for information and research purposes, such as salary and negotiation surveys and staffing projections.
  • Receives, tabulates, and records information regarding staff absences.
  • Within district policy, grants or denies leave requests and assists in the transfer of personnel.
  • Provides monitoring and consultant services to district management during employee disciplinary procedures.
  • Reviews and approves requests for tuition reimbursement and salary advancement.

The Director of Human Resources is responsible for compliance with federal and state requirements. In carrying out these responsibilities, the director:

  • Prepares federal and state reports.
  • Monitors unemployment insurance claims and represents the district's interest in processing those claims.
  • Implements the federal and state wage and hour laws as they apply to the compensation of district employees.

Labor Relations Administration
The Director of Human Resources is responsible for the establishment and administration of terms and conditions of labor relations as negotiated with the bargaining units representing various classes of employees. In accomplishing this task, the director:

  • Works with the Superintendent to establish and implement negotiated policies.
  • Administers personnel procedures consistent with the labor relations established with the representative bargaining units.
  • Prepares an annotated edition of the negotiated agreement, with special attention given to the intended implementation, in a concise manner.
  • Administers and coordinates all employee furlough and recall procedures for the district consistent with district policy and state and federal legislation.
  • Prepares contingency plans for work-stoppages, slow-downs, or sanctions declared by the bargaining units.
  • Analyzes bargaining unit contract proposals and prepares counterproposals, where appropriate, to include:
  • Analysis of present agreement
  • Analysis of unit proposals
  • collection of statistical data to support the process
  • Assists in planning and attends meetings in the negotiation process.


Administration and Application of Policies, Regulations, and Contracts
The Director of Human Resources is responsible for the administration and application of policies, regulations, and contract provisions. To accomplish this task, consistent with appropriate School Law, State School Board edict, and departmental regulation, the director:

  • Develops personnel policies for the district for presentation to and adoption by the School Board. Reviews existing policies for revision and updates on a regular basis.
  • Interprets policies, regulations, and employee agreements for employees, the School Board, and the public.
  • Conducts personnel hearings or represents the district in such hearings as dismissal reviews, non-renewal of employment, and grievances.
  • Coordinates the evaluation process by developing and/or revising forms, interpreting laws, policies, and procedures, monitoring time requirements, and defining standards.
  • Prepares the job description upon creation of a new position, or provides a periodic review of existing job descriptions which include, but are not limited to, major duties, responsibilities, and qualifications.
  • Recommends manpower planning objectives for consideration by the district.
  • Implements board policies, administrative guidelines, and all contract provisions as they relate to personnel matters.
  • Determines employee job classifications and compensations by an analysis of comparable positions within and/or outside the district or a review of job descriptions or through negotiations.
  • Prepares employee communications, such as position announcements, sick leave accumulation, seniority lists, and work schedules.
  • Maintains data concerning personnel hiring, training, development, promotion, evaluation and separation.
  • Provides for recruitment, hiring, development, evaluation, and separation of all non-professional employees of the District.

Additional Administrative Duties

  • Acts as liaison with Board's Personnel Committee.
  • Attends all meetings of the School Board.
  • Functions as a member of the Superintendent's Leadership Team.
  • Performs other duties or tasks as assigned by the Superintendent.
Applications will be accepted
Wednesday, April 28, 2021 12:00 AM -
Monday, May 17, 2021 11:59 PM


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