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Interim Executive Director: Full Time

Posted: 10/30/2022

Interim Executive Director: Full Time
Preservation Pottstown Inc., which does business as Mosaic Community Land Trust (Mosaic CLT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to area revitalization and homeownership. Using the model of Community Land Trusts, Mosaic helps make Pottstown's foundation stronger by enabling sustainable housing, stabilizing neighborhoods and creating a vital community. We also empower individuals and whole families to make positive changes by offering well-rounded programs on gardening, nutrition, healthy lifestyle and arts and culture.
Salary: $50,000      

  • Successful experience managing a nonprofit organization (programs, strategy, finances, and systems/infrastructure)
  • Team builder with strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Strong strategic fiscal management, oversight and budgeting skills (this includes QuickBooks/accounting)
  • Grant writing experience and ability.
  • Ability to maintain relationships with external stakeholders and funders
  • Good understanding of the operational and back-office systems and infrastructure of a nonprofit.
  • Experience working with boards of directors            
Expected Hours: 40 hours per week
10 days of vacation-must be used unless carryover by prior approval of Board; 5 sick days-can carryover with a max of 10 on the books at any time unless Board gives prior approval for a greater number;
Neither vacation days nor sick days have any value at the end of employment.
Holidays will include the following: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day.
Scope of the Position:
The Interim E.D. is responsible for managing staff, overseeing day-to-day operations, programming, capacity building, as well as all aspects of membership. The Interim E.D. is responsible for grant writing to fund ED and all staff positions. The Interim ED will work closely with the Board of Directors to support and facilitate effective oversight and direction setting and check with the Board of Directors on any decisions with larger policy implications for Mosaic CLT.
Specific Priorities:
During the interim period there are several priority areas that will require the Interim ED’s attention:
  • Lead an organizational assessment process by meeting with staff, board, and other stakeholders, including a deep look at organizational financials and budgets, to develop a shared understanding of the organization’s strengths, challenges, and immediate strategic directions.
  • Assess current budget and develop budget for fiscal year 2023
  • Identify and pursue grant and funding opportunities to meet the immediate needs of the organization and create a solid platform for success.
•           Planning and Evaluation: engage board and staff in ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of Mosaic CLT’s services/programming and identify program, financial, and infrastructure development goals and strategies.
·        Meet with and report to the board monthly. Communicate with board members in a timely manner.
·        Make recommendations for agenda items for board meetings.
·       Keep track of hours and general tasks and submit to board for review monthly
·        Hire interns, if appropriate
·        Responsible for reviewing and approving the time records of hourly employees; and is responsible for keeping record of sick and vacation time for all staff and for approving vacation time in advance
·        Lead an annual review and update of the strategic plan
·        Oversee the creation of the annual statement for the annual membership meeting
•           Grant Writing and Fundraising:  Leverage proven fundraising skills to oversee grant writing and fundraising activities
·        Expected to oversee as well as assist grant writing and seeking other funding sources, including but not limited to Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation.
·        Responsible for timely grant reporting
·    Oversee all  fundraising events and ensure they are successful.
•           Financial Management: Manage budget with the help and oversight of the board. Participate in the development of the annual budget and carry out continuous monitoring of the annual budget and financial performance through the information in the financial statements/reports.
·        Monitor organizational memberships and handle renewals. It is expected that membership will grow as Mosaic CLT’s scope does, thereby also offering the ability to insure the financial stability of the organization.
·       Deliver timely financial reports to the board of directors.
·         Answer questions from bookkeeper concerning proper booking of income and expenses
  ·        Coordinate the issuance of the financial reports by the bookkeeper.
·        Request generation of checks
·        Review information concerning insurance-Directors and officers & liability
·        Develop and oversee a procedure for the maintenance of the records of the organization-both electronic and hard copy (in coordination with Admin).
·        Point of contact for Mosaic in all matters related to the audit; Provide documents and financial records required for the audit & answer questions from the auditor; Circulate all audit documents to the board for review; Coordinate filing of documents required from the audit.
·        Have awareness of provisions in bylaws to ensure ongoing compliance and to be able to make recommendations for changes when appropriate (this is also the job of the board, but ED should have deep familiarity)
•           Community and Partner Relationships: Build awareness of the impact of Mosaic CLT’s work and role in the community. Sustain relationships with key nonprofit, business, and other partners to better serve the needs of Mosaic CLT’s mission.
·        Direct questions/inquiries to the appropriate parties within the organization and follow-up to make sure that matters are properly addressed.
·        Generate correspondence as appropriate and necessary to communicate with individuals, entities, etc. (in coordination with Admin).
·        Oversee social media and public relations
·        Work with committees


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