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About Us

At Swipez Processing, we're not just a payment processor; we're your local business's financial soulmate! Imagine the joy of finding the perfect match—now apply that to payments.

Our Style:
No stuffy suits, just tees and mismatched socks curated by our owners' pint-sized fashion consultants.

Swipe Right for Success:
We believe in love at first swipe—especially for payments. Our mission? To be the smoothest, fastest, and coolest payment solutions provider. Whether you're a cozy coffee shop or a unicorn-themed yoga studio, we've got you covered.

Why Choose Us:
We support local businesses like a hype squad at a concert. Our customer support is A+ (we even have a hotline for printer emergencies). Plus, we make finance fun—because who said accounting can't be a stand-up comedy?

Oh, and our rates? Top-notch, thanks to our secret sauce. But here's the twist—we wanted you to crush on us before dropping that bomb. If we can't outdo your current provider, we'll be the first to say, "Stick with 'em!" No contracts, just us, making payments and puns. We’re not like this all the time, but figured we’d have some fun with a typically boring description section of a website.


We work with many hardware solutions, newly added is Clover
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